Action Plan “Reactivate Tourism | Build the Future”

The action plan “Reactivate Tourism | Build the Future” was approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers (nr. 76/2021).

The action plan “Reactivate Tourism | Build the Future” aims to be a guideline for the tourism sector, both public and private, whose actions are fully integrated with the objectives of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Portugal’s Strategy 2030, thus ensuring a concerted strategy for the recovery of the national economy.

The Plan is based on 4 pillars of action – supporting businesses, fostering security, generating business and building future – and consists of specific actions that, in the short, medium and long term, will transform the sector and will position it at a higher level of value creation, contributing significantly to GDP growth and a fairer distribution of wealth.

According to the diploma the Plan “will allow to exceed (euro) 27 billion in tourism revenue in 2027 in a sustainable way, generating wealth and well-being across the territory, throughout the whole year and betting on the diversification of markets and segments.“.

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