Projects and Infrastructure

All the partners in the firm lived and worked abroad thus developing a deep knowledge of the business and legal framework of different countries. For that reason we understand the need of international and domestic investors in their projects and the appropriate mechanisms to establish the relevant partnerships in each situation.

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Private Equity and Entrepreneurship

The firm has close connections with the main accelarators and start-up agencies in Portugal with a broad exposure to projects in seed and start-up phases and their issues in growing their businesses.

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Private Clients & Estate Planning

We have developed a specific practice for private clients in order to provide an integrated service in a personal and reserved environment. Our team is prepared to handle the particular issues of these type of clients, having the necessary skills to address all relevant matters.

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Public Sector

Over time we have built relevant tools and expertise working with public entities, namely in the area of finances and tax, justice and economy, in several Portuguese-speaking countries.

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Energy and Natural Resources

Our team has broad experience in the sector, having worked with some of the major players in different jurisdictions. We have also participated in relevant energy projects and developed a relevant network of partnerships to enhance our knowledge to better understand the particularities of the sector.

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Creative and Cultural Industries

CCSL understands legal and commercial pressures faced by creators and other players of the Creative and Cultural Industries. We want to support creators working in Portugal, so that they can focus on their art and craft, knowing that their legal issues are entrusted on professionals who care and understand the sector.