On July 12, 2018, the Council of Ministers approved an amendment to the by-laws of ERSE (Energy Services Regulator), stipulating that this authority will also regulate all categories of liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum derived fuels and biofuels.

Decree-Law nr. 57-A/2018, of July 13, in force since July 14, establishes that ERSE – which was already the regulator for the electric energy and natural gas sectors – will assume the competences of the petroleum products and biofuel units of the National Authority for the Fuel Market, E.P.E.

These amendments comply with what was already established in the State Budget for 2017 (Law nr. 42/2016, of December 28) which determined that all categories of liquefied petroleum gas (GPL), including cylinder, conducted and bulk gas, and also the petroleum derived fuels sector and biofuels would be regulated by ERSE.

This diploma also establishes the creation of a new ERSE advisory body, the board for fuel and it intends to integrate mechanisms to protect consumer interests while encouraging a free and competitive energy market.

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[Photo: Paul Fiedler, available at: unsplash.com]