Law n. º 62/2018, published on August 22nd introduced important changes to the current local lodging (“alojamento local”) regime, making this the second amendment to the original regime (Decree-law n. º 128/2014).

Focusing on the most important changes, the new regime allows unit-owners (by majority) to prohibit the setting-up of hostels in residential buildings.

Another major change is the creation of protected areas, designated by the city office, where the number of local lodging establishments may be limited, taking in consideration the number of these kind of establishments when compared with regular housing.

Also, home owners may now charge an additional fee to local lodging establishments (up to 30% of the annual fee) to cope with the extra maintenance costs of the building’s common areas.

The new regime is only applicable to local lodging establishments set up after the starting term of the law, whist the existing establishments are given a 2 (two) years period to adapt to the new regulation.

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