Under this new regime (as approved by Ordinance no. 328/2018, published on the Official Journal on December 19th), called the “Tech Visa”, certified companies may now easily hire non-EU citizens to perform high added value activities in Portugal.

In order to qualify for this regime, the companies must meet several criteria such as to be legally incorporated, to be in good stance with the tax authorities and social security, to have a positive net worth and to prove its technological and innovative nature.

On the other hand, the visa applicants must not live permanently in a EU member-state, must to be of age, and must not have criminal background.

Companies that successfully go through the procedure will integrate a list of certified companies who may hire the applicants for this kind of visa.

This regime is compatible with the available tax benefits such as the non-habitual tax resident regime.

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[Photo: Tianyi Ma, available at: unsplash.com]