Entrepreneurship incentives

(Conducted in English)


Workshop on incentive plans and compensation of entrepreneurs and top management within the context of the start-up ecosystem. With the participation of key speakers who will provide useful insights on the topic, from the point of view of entrepreneurs, investors and top management.

Friday 21 June 2019
4:00 pm
Free registrations : info@ccsllegal.com




Cristina Fonseca

Cristina is the co-founder of Talkdesk, a company that allows its clients to create a call center using nothing but a web browser.

Francisco Ferreira Pinto

Francisco is executive director of Busy Angels, a venture capital firm with a diversified portfolio.

Gonçalo Vilaça

Gonçalo is the COO of Tonic App, an app developed to help medical doctors diagnose their patients.

Hugo Gonçalves Pereira

Hugo is the CEO of MOGOPE, a family owned private equity firm, and a partner at Shiling Capital Partners, a business angel vehicle.

João Gomes

João is the managing director of Mobiletric, a company focused on electric mobility, in particular, developing new solutions to charge electric cars.

José Calejo Guerra

José is the founding partner at CCSL Advogados, a boutique law firm specialized in legal and tax matters.

Mafalda Almeida Carvalho

Mafalda is a partner at CCSL Advogados, responsible for the corporate and financing practices with relevant expertise in the private equity industry.

Pedro Vargas David

Pedro is the CEO and partner at Alpac Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm focused on the markets of Portugal, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

Rui Miguel Stoffel

Rui is a co-founder and the CEO of BusUp Technologies, a start-up dedicated to providing on-demand bus services.

Stephan Morais

Stephan is the founder and managing general partner of Indico Capital Partners, a venture capital firm focused on artificial intelligence, fintech, cybersecurity and digital start-ups.


Rocha Conde de Óbidos, 1350-352 Lisbon


4:00 pm FOUNDERS PANEL Mafalda Almeida Carvalho (Partner at CCSL
Stephan Morais (Partner at Indico
Hugo Gonçalves Pereira (Business
Cristina Fonseca (Co-Founder of
Rui Miguel Stoffel (Co-Founder of
5:10 pm COFFEE BREAK  
5:30 pm TOP MANAGEMENT PANEL José Calejo Guerra (Partner at CCSL
Francisco Ferreira Pinto (Busy
Pedro Vargas David (Partner at Alpac Capital)
João Gomes (CEO of Mobiletric)
Gonçalo Vilaça (COO of Tonic App)
6:40 pm DRINKS