Reference tariff and its duration applicable to electricity producers

Ordinance No. 80/2020, published on March 25, 2020, sets the amount of 45 euros per MWh as the reference tariff applicable to electricity producers from renewable energy sources, based in one single energy source, with maximum installed capacity of 1 M, that opt ​​for the guaranteed remuneration regime.

The connection capacity is granted through an auction model, in which the applicants offer discounts to the reference tariff. The assigned tariff has a duration of 15 years, non-renewable, counted from the beginning of the supply of electricity to the Public Service Electric Grid (PSEG), after which it expires.

In this context, it was established that the injection capacity to the PSEG, in each calendar year, for the installation of small production units covered by the guaranteed remuneration regime is of 20 MW.

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