Changes to the deadlines for the termination of transitional tariffs for supplies of electricity and natural gas

Following the publication of the State Budget Law for 2020, which provides for the extension of the deadlines for the termination of transitional tariffs on electricity at Standard Low Voltage to 31 December 2025, Ordinance no. 83/2020 was published on 1 April, establishing the application of the same extension to the supply of natural gas in Low Pressure by suppliers of last resort to final customers with annual consumption of 10,000 m3 or less, who do not exercise the right to switch to a free market supplier.

However, in order to pursue the goal of liberalisation of the electricity and natural gas markets, the Ordinance anticipates the deadlines for the termination of the transitional tariffs applicable to Medium Voltage and Special Low Voltage electricity supplies to 31 December 2021 and 31 December 2022, respectively, and to Low Pressure natural gas supplies with annual consumption exceeding 10,000 m3 to 31 December 2022.

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