Covid 19 Impact on taxes: new relief measures approved

Considering the coronavirus outbreak the Secretary of State of Tax Affairs and Social Security issued a joint order in which measures were adopted destined at relieving the tax pressure.

The following measures have been adopted:

– suspension of tax enforcement proceedings in progress or to be initiated by the Tax and Social Security Authorities between January 1 and March 31, 2021;

– suspension of ongoing instalment plans regarding debts to Social Security which are not part of the enforcement proceedings (without prejudice to their continued fulfilment at the debtor’s initiative);

– Tax Authorities prevented from setting up guarantees in the context of tax enforcement proceedings during the above-mentioned period;

– Tax authorities prevented from offsetting the debtor’s credits resulting from reimbursement, proceedings for review, administrative complaint or judicial appeal on the debtor’s debts;

– Suspension of the statute of limitation in respect of tax enforcement proceedings in progress or to be initiated.

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