The legal regime applicable to contracts to the management of energy efficiency was published

On 15th June 2021, the Decree Law no. 50/2021, from 15th June was published, and has established the legal regime applicable to the contracts to the management energy efficiency to be entered into by the State and the energy services companies.

Within the Programme for Energy Efficiency in Public Administration (“ECO.AP”), and specifically, with the Decree Law no. 29/2011, from 28th February the energy performance contract was created, to offer the Public Administration a contractual figure that would allow them to develop solutions to reduce their energetic needs.

With the revision of ECO.AP by the Program for Resource Efficiency in Public Administration until 2030 (“ECO.AP 2030”) in 2020, it was also deemed necessary to update the features of the above-mentioned energy performance contract.

In this sense, the Decree-Law identified above came to simplify the process of formation and execution of the contracts to the management energy efficiency to be granted between the Public Administration and energy service companies, in order to implement measures to improve energetic efficiency and promote the developing solutions for energy production for self-consumption in public buildings and equipment related to the provision of public services.

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