Government regulates conditions of publicity of working hours and the method of recording the respective working times in the transport sector

On January 4, 2022, Ordinance no. 7/2022 was published, bringing together in a single piece of legislation the regulatory requirements concerning the conditions of working hours and the form of recording working time in relation to:

  1. Workers engaged in the operation of motor vehicles;
  2. Mobile workers in road transport activity not subject to the recording equipment;
  3. Self-employed driver in mobile road transport not subject to recording equipment;
  4. Drivers engaged in transport activity in an uncharacterised vehicle from an electronic platform (TVDE).

Pursuant to this law, the contents and moments in which working hours are published and in which working times are recorded are clarified and a range of options is made available to the employer in the choice of the devices that best adapt to his business model and to his fleet.

To this end, this diploma provides for the possibility of using digital devices, thus eliminating the existence of the individual physical control booklet and the consequent administrative requirement of authentication by the Authority for Working Conditions.

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