The diploma that implements the measure Compromisso Emprego Sustentável was published

Portaria no. 38/2022, which creates and regulates the measure Compromisso Emprego Sustentável, was published today. This measure was designed within the scope of the reforms to be implemented under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência) and aims to encourage the creation of stable employment, the establishment of adequate salary levels, and simultaneously, address the need to promote youth employment.

Of an exceptional and transitory nature, this measure consists in a combination of financial aids for hiring as well as for the payment of social security contributions, also foreseen a range of aid-increases when in question is the hiring of individuals up to 35 years old, people with disabilities or people of the under-represented sex in the profession, jobs located in interior territories, or the granting of employment contracts with a base remuneration equal to or higher than two times the national minimum wage.

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