Portuguese Nationality Law amended

Amendments were introduced to the Portuguese Nationality Law, namely regarding the attribution of original nationality to individuals born in Portuguese territory, children of foreigners, acquisition of nationality by adoption, acquisition of nationality by naturalization (in this context regarding the general requirements for the naturalization of minors, the new naturalization regime for minors taken in institutions, the naturalization of foreigners born in Portugal and the new naturalization regime for ascendants of original Portuguese citizens), the alteration of the regime of opposition to the acquisition of nationality, and the new regimes of nullity and consolidation of nationality.

Amendments were also introduced to the conduct of nationality procedures, now providing for a more comprehensive electronic processing regime and the waiving of translation of documents in certain situations.

As regards, in particular, the electronic processing of nationality procedures, it is provided that lawyers and solicitors must carry out the acts in question by electronic means, while it is optional for applicants who are not represented by these professionals to also use electronic means. Communications between the Central Registry Office and other services or entities will also be carried out, whenever possible, by electronic means.

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