Portugal creates new visas for remote workers, citizens looking for jobs in Portugal and countries of the CPLP

The Portuguese Government has published the changes to the Portuguese Residency Law, which entered into force on 26/08/2022. Under the new regulations, new visas were created as follows:

  • Visa for remote workers – Remote workers will now be able to apply to Portuguese residency. Prior to this change remote workers had to apply to other types of visas (such as the D2 or D7) which created problems in completing the process.
  • Visa for job search – Citizens looking for jobs in Portugal will now be able to apply for a Portuguese visa even if they do not have any job offer yet. .The visa is valid for 120 days, renewable for 60 days.
  • Visa for citizens of the Portuguese Language Community – Special conditions for citizens of CPLP were created which will, along other particularities, waive SEF’s preliminary decision.

The new framework will facilitate the immigration process to Portugal and cater for specific needs of remote workers, people looking for jobs in Portugal and citizens of the CPLP.

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[Photo by: Ian Dooley, available at unsplash.com]