Published diploma reforming and streamlining urban planning, territorial planning and industry licences

The Decree-Law No. 10/2024, dated January 8, introduces measures aimed at reforming and streamlining licensing procedures in the context of urban planning, territorial planning, and industry.

In summary, this diploma introduces the following measures:

  1. elimination of the need to obtain urban planning licenses, introducing new cases for prior communication, exemptions, and waiver from prior control;
  2. streamlining administrative procedures for obtaining urban planning licenses, making prior communications and preliminary information processes more straightforward;
  3. adoption of measures to standardize urban planning procedures, preventing unjustified and asymmetrical practices and procedures across different municipalities;
  4. clarification of municipal powers in exercising prior urban planning control, particularly concerning license issuance;
  5. removal of certain excessive requirements in urban planning prior control matters;
  6. adoption of measures to simplify the process of obtaining authorization for use;
  7. simplification of processes related to specialties across various dimensions;
  8. streamlining the processes for receiving urban development works;
  9. simplification of formalities related to property purchase and sale, eliminating unnecessary formalities that do not add value.

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