Regulatory ordinances concerning changes to the Urbanisation and Building Legal Regime published

Decree-Law no. 10/2024 of 8 January reformed and simplified licensing in the fields of urbanism, land use planning and industry, introducing changes to the Urbanisation and Building Legal Regime (RJUE), approved by Decree-Law no. 555/99 of 16 December. The aim of these changes is to simplify procedures, eliminating unnecessary or redundant licences, authorisations, acts, and procedures in the field of urban planning and land-use planning, as well as reducing contextual costs and deadlines.

As a result of these legal amendments, the following regulatory ordinances have been published:

  1. Ordinance no. 71-A/2024, which identifies the instructional elements of the procedures provided for in the RJUE and revokes Ordinance no. 113/2015, of 22 April.
  2. Ordinance 71-B/2024, which approves (i) the revision of the licence and prior communication models for allotment, urbanisation, building, demolition, land remodelling and other urban operations, as well as the introduction of response models to the communication of use and the prior communication of use with a deadline, depending on whether or not this communication is submitted after the urban operation subject to prior control has been carried out, (ii) revision of the model notices for publicising different urban planning operations, (iii) inclusion of the model act to be carried out in situations where the city council decides in favour of the request for prior information, and (iv) approval of the model notices for publicising requests for licensing or prior communication of urban planning operations and urban planning operations promoted by the Public Administration.
  3. Ordinance no. 71-C/2024, which amends Ordinance no. 1268/2008, of 6 November, that defines the model and requirements of the work book and sets out the characteristics of the electronic work book.

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